Hey Big Boy...

For those of you that like a little more cushion for the... cushion.
We had a special order for a Bates style solo with a little more surface area so here it is.
This one went to Whit's brother but we liked it so much we are adding it to the lineup.
 Just like our original solo but with a 1/2in. added all around.
 These fellas will be selling for $275.00
Contact us for availability.
 Shown here with our standard 4 pleat p-pad

1 comment:

Chico said...

The Haifley Bros.,make great seats.
they're copies of the Bates solo and p pads are damn spot on.
support a product that is made in the U.S.A,by good dudes,and at the fraction of the cost.
keep it up fella's,you got my vote.