Kinq/Queen for a customer

We fabbed up the pan and finished off the seat on Anthonys chopper. 

Why not have a stash zipper if ya got the space.


Customer pics stole from the gram

Swing rm sporty set up

Kris Klein Nails it every time.  We were fortunate enough to do 
the seat on this on.  

We were lucky to have our Shovelhead hardtail on this wonderful looking scoot. 

King/queen headed to Missouri


Buell T/A

The T/A inspired Buell powered chopper is slowly getting closer to tearing up the streets. 


Sporty Swing arm sissy bar

We offer a short and tall sporty swing arm sissy bar. Check out haifleybrothers.com

Keeping it Goin!

We had the pleasure of tailing Jimmy's fine little 37' from the GNRS.  

A terrible pic of a few seats Emily knocked out last week.

A customer pic of his bike rockin our Sporty hardtail kit.

The model A sedan is finally in paint.  


A few thing that happened

Turk sent us a sweet poncho to do his seat up. 

Drew digging his swingarm sissy bar and seat. 
The buell chopper got a few stainless touches. 
Chris' softail received a new seat. 
Caught our buddy Scott on the freeway getting out of town on his Panhead. 
Visited a friends house. Boing!!
Get your shirts now. 


Shovelhead DIY Hardtail For Sale.

We have redesigned our shovelhead hardtail so you no longer will have slugs and splices in your upper tubes.  This was on a later frame so it did not have seat post castings.  You will be able to 
keep your seat post casting on the earlier models.  Check out haifleybrothers.com to get yours.

94-2003 Sporty Swing Arm Sissy Bar

Available Now at haifleybrothers.com   Fits 94-2003 Sportster
Swingarm bikes.  Check out the store for all the details. King/Queen seat
to match coming soon.


Get Some!

The lovely Mysti Moon says, "Get on over to the DicE store and grab one of these beautiful limited edition Haifley solo seats along with issue #57 of the mag! There's only 50, so get a move on, boys!"

 Even if you don't pick up one of the special edition seats you can still put your mitts on #57 that includes a nice article on our little shop, a feature on Tucson Luke's Ironhead chopper and all of the other goodness you've come to expect from the gents over at DicE Magazine.


Swing arm sissys

A handful of our first proto type swing arm sissy bars and king/queen seats.
These will be available in our website soon.  Thanks everyone for helping with the r&d.  Enjoy the ride.  
These fit the 94-03 sportster swingarm. Best used with turn signals removed. 



We did this hardtail up for Jeremiah over at lovecycles.blogspot.com  Thanks Jeremiah.  


Elvis has left the building

We did this one up for our buddy Elvis Castillo.  Lots of subtle one off parts on this one.  Thanks Elvis.