1996 Buell S1 Lightning FOR SALE!!!! FOR SALE!!!! FOR SALE!!!!

What we have here is a 96' Buell S1 Lightning. It is titled as a 1977 Iron head which is what the front half of the frame is.  This is a fully custom one off everything machine. This 100 HP of bad chicken could be yours.  Lets start in the front.  35mm with dual disc brakes. It has a set of one off preload adjusters.  Powdercoated mag wheels. A one off stainless fork brace using stainless rivets.  The risers are a one off stainless  cnc set to accept a super skinny and tight bend stainless bars.  It has Kustom tech front master cylinder.  A biltwell throttle and grips .  A modified stainless clutch lever.  It has a narrowed and friscoed king sporty tank that has been highly modified. It is a custom oil bag with some show scoops in it.  The fender is a one off hand made from aluminum.  It is held on with a stainless flat strap sissy bar held together with stainless rivets.  It holds a Boyle taillight.  The seat is a square pleated leather seat that is very comfortable and shaped to keep you in one spot.  The brake master cylinder cap is a one off cnc finned cap to match the Kustom Tech cap.  It has a throaty 2-1 stainless exhaust.  It has a crane ignition with the first proto type H Bros points cover. The juice is kicked from an anti gravity 12cell small case battery.  All the darker gray color is cera gun coating.  All brackets made from stainless and left raw.  Almost every bolt is stainless and has had the heads turned down.  Has a custom one off chain tensioner with a gold oring chain. Has a lowbrow key switch. All wiring is brand new.  The engine covers have been rounded and smoothed.  The air cleaner is a one off many many hours of machining Trans Am Ram Air design. The hardtail is a custom one off looped hardtail.  Oil lines are all AN fittings. This bike comes with a disassembled 1977 Ironhead motor that mathes the frame.  It also comes with the Buell neck that matches the Buell engine. There are many things I am sure I have forgot to mention.  Check out the pics and some of the details and email haifleybros@gmail.com or call 602-486-0252 if you have any further questions.  The price is $10,000 and not much room for negotiation.  Thanks for looking.  


Our Annual BBQ and Open House December 5th 12 noon- Pass out tired or??

We are glad to say that we will once again be hosting our annual Open House after taking
a couple of years off due to space restrictions.  We welcome you to join us.  If you have a 
chopper or old car/hot rod, we encourage you to drive it.  It is the time of year for giving
and this year we will be doing a toy drive for some of the less fortunate children.  We also
will be collecting donations to help out our true local heros.  All donations will be going to
the Boots for Troops foundation.  We are supplying you with the food and a good time.  Please
remember anything helps these folks .  We are not putting together a ride this year but are considering doing a Sunday morning cruise.  More details will be on this at the Open House if it is decided to take place.  The gate will be open at 12 pm on Saturday December 5th and will carry on until last man standing.  Jim will be having the smoker going smelling good.  We have a couple fun things planned for this year.  We will be having some live music starting later in the evening.  DJ Dan will be doing some spinning of the vinyl most all day.  Please join us as we do this to show our appreciation for your business and continued support.  
If you are coming from out of town let me know and I will gladly help gt you a place to stay. Our shop # is 602-486-0252 or email haifleybros@gmail.com
bfotaz.org If you would like to view where any donations would be going to. 


Seat on Johnnys Bike

Thanks Johnny for letting us do the seat on this one.  


Jasons Chopper

Jason Sent us this pic of his sweet chopper he let us do the seat on.  Thanks Jason. 


2015 Triumph Copperstate 1000

Day 1

Day 62 or something

Thanks so much to all the sponsors that donated parts and time.  We really do appreciate everything each one of you did.  Thanks to the Copperstate 1000 for letting us be a part of this event.  It was awesome.