Model A is getting close

Floor is mostly done.

Decided to push the taillight bottom out a little

A little blister to accent for the cowl steering

The tear down is slowly happening.  Off to the blaster soon.

The wood is all test fit


Customer pic.

Josh Eddy was nice enough to send us his seat pan to finish off.  Another great looking machine hitting the streets.  Thanks again Josh.


Sporty Hardtail kits in action!!

Here are a handful of bikes that I have received pics of that have our sporty kits on them.  Such a great variety of bikes.  Thanks so much guys.  


Tight lil Triumph

Tom Heavey was nice enough to let us do the seat on his amazing Triumph.  What a great looking bike.  Thanks again Tom

Going to try to keep this blog going

Fastlane Jim let us do a seat for his fine knuckle.

We never get tired of seeing the BSA we built for our friend James about a year ago now I think.. 


Stuff happening

Customer installed sporty hardtail kit.  

Shannon sent us this one of the seat we finished off for him on the bike

Elvis' shovelhead coming along in the shop.  Tins are in the works.


R&D is on the Rise...

Our talented friend Andre has been helping us out with the new riser set up.


Seats and seats

Just a few that have left


Getting there...

After a total frame re-work, new fender, seat, sissy bar, oil bag, pipes, and handle bars this dude is coming together.


New Addition!!!

There will be some good things to come of this very poor investment.  

A little Canadian Love

Thanks so much Mike for letting us do up your seat



Doug keeping it real with Justin's Shovelhead after installing dual headlamps and a new quick release king and queen seat.


Luke's Ironhead...

Is all buttoned up and gone home to Tucson