Last Call...

Tomorrow is the big day!
The ride maps are done, the shop is getting cleaned, and the cooks are geared up to go.

Just a few last minute reminders and notes...

If you are coming along on the ride/cruise be sure to show up at the shop ALL FUELED UP.
We'll meet up at 9:30 and depart at 10:30
If you are running late there will be someone at the shop with maps so you can play catch up or just take the route at your own pace, it's up to you.

Courtney from Hurts Donut, Aaron and Jim from Beeline BBQ and D.J. D. Scott are all going to make this
year's event a great one and a few dollar donation for their efforts will go a long way.

We have the bases pretty much covered with the exception of folding chairs. So for those of you not on motorbikes, if you want to ensure a place to land your backside, maybe throw a chair in the trunk.

Other than that, come on down and enjoy some great food, cold beer, rockin' music and an all around good time with us tomorrow.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

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