Desert Cruisin'...

A handful of us took a little spin on Sunday to beat the heat.
America lost his primary belt just shy of Wickenburg so we fashioned a roadside beer joint in the shade while we waited for Kelly and the truck. 

 The roadside fix was a no go, so we loaded it up and Kelly and Mr. Buckner ran back to Phoenix and grabbed America's Dyna and Sportster.

Swamp Cooler

 The rest of us hit the road and waited in Kirkland until those fellas made it back up and then it was off to Prescott.

When it was time to split we realized that Trapper had left the key on and killed the battery on the Shovelhead Ian had let him ride for the day (bonehead move).
Once that was sorted we grabbed a bite on the way out of town and made our way back to the Valley.
We got split up as usual. Like Kelly says, "we'd be a terrible motorcycle gang."

Good day with great dudes.

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