Fulton Paint Works...

Our friend Fred out in Virginia is damn handy with the tape and paint gun and if you have seen his blog Fulton Paint Works you know what we're talking about.
We have had the pleasure of covering a couple of custom seats for Fred in the past and he is a great guy to do business with, but the next one we will be doing has extra importance.

Fred's mother has been experiencing some very serious health issues, and while she is on the mend the hospital bills are stacking up and she is unable to work to keep them under control.

As any of us would, Fred has started taking action to help out his mom by using his craft and auctioning off some custom tanks to raise some much needed funds. 

We are happy to say that one of the auctioned items will be a tank and Crazy-Franks fender combo with paint by Fred and custom covered seat by us. 

So check out Fulton Paint Works to see the full details on Fred's upcoming auctions and maybe get your hands on some top-notch tins for your scooter, as well as helping someone in need.

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