It Happened...

You may have heard something about a BBQ last weekend.
Well here's the proof.
It was Great to have our older brother Shawn and his wife Amy come out from Iowa and spend the weekend with us. 
A big thank you goes out to everyone that made it out to eat drink, and be merry with us.
And an even bigger thank you to Jim for cookin up some killer eats, Dan the Man for spinnin those crazy sounds and the rest of the crew that made the setup and execution go so smoothly.
And one last Huge shot out to the wonderful and talented Trapper for capturing the event with such style and expertise. You're the best. And handsome to boot! HAHAHA!
Jeremiah's LOVEly Knuckle


Flower Power


Don and Kelly

Mr. Wells and his Panhead making an entrance

The breeze is shot

A scientist and a CB'r

"I put my foot here"

Hello Mrs. Buckner

Not a hot dog in sight...
Jim slow cooked 16 pork butts instead. Booyah!

Jacob is demonstrating how he eats, and Brains smells a fart.

Chopper Show

Let's Eat!

Trouble Makers

Brian's tough Sporty


Friendship is a beautiful thing


The Haifley Support Crew

This looks urgent

Freak of Nature

Time for hugs and pictures

Chunk and Ruben BFF

No really, they are brothers

The End

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