A Lovely Weekend...

The BSA took home a trophy for best British! A real honor considering the killer  Triumphs
and BSAs in attendance.

Our man Brains was bestowed the Best Japanese trophy for his survivor CB750

Stickrod is just handsome

Not sure about these two though

This Sportster was the bee's knees.


Benji's beard will beat your beard into submission...

Kevin made it out from St. Paul to drink beer with us...
Luke had a shorter drive.

The BSA in it's nearly finished glory.

Tom Fugle selling his handmade wares.

That's his, "I'm having a really fun time, but where's all the hot dudes?" look.

Cuidado, Jim is on the job.

Brian holding it down in the Love booth


BCM said...

Well deserved guys the BSA is beautiful.

jason webber said...

Kelly and Doug, thanks for the good times this weekend. Hope to see you guys soon...And yes, that BSA was killer.

dazey said...

Late on this but, Jason's right - that BSA is sick. Thanks for the compliment on my wheels too.