Paper Goods...

Magazines are kind of like blogs that you can hold in your hand.
Here's a couple pieces of suggested reading...
Show Class #4 has Part 2 of our seat build tech article and a little write-up on our pal Chris over @
Infernal Combustion Design. Not to mention all of the other killer chopper and boobie content you have come to expect from Tim and crew.

The Feb. Cycle Source is sporting our friend Robert "Pinner" Hernandez and his mile long shovel on the cover and a nice little article inside as well...

And last but certainly not least is the little known but always excellent New Zealand based mag One Percent. Issue five is chock full of hot rod and chopper action, including Born Free 3 coverage, and a feature on our buddy Joel Pippett's Marvelus Shovel chop.

Oh, and the in house hippie, Trapper is responsible for some of the images in each of these fine publications.

Click the links to get yours! 

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