Let There Be Light, or Days Gone By Part II

Our friend Forrest is at it again, sending us this classic image of him on his 1970 Shovel.
We'll let him tell you about it...
1970 Electriglide,105 total lights,200 bulets,The trick in Days Gone BY.We would go to junk yard and take all the side marker lights off fenders. side marker bulbs use less amprage .We were dedicated,on a mission,all the lamps here had different color glass lens.The most time consuming job was,each light had to be grounded.My friend Tim Holt 80yrs old, and myself are presently collecting glass lens,whitch are hard to find these days,along with bullets.We purchased a 1970 Electriglide bone stock original on ebay for 7k.These glides were slugs back then and when you add on 200 lbs of what nots,well lets put it this way,we didnt have to worry about speedy ticket!!!!!!! Night would come and WOW,BING,BANG SHESHAM,wELL YOU GET THE PITCHER.DO OVER YES,just need to live long enought to finish.yes Haifley BROTHERS, ride it like you stole it,and put it away wet.Your friends from NH,ForrestBezanson,Tim Holt wishing you a happy new year and good health.

Thanks Forrest and Tim, and good luck on the current project. We can't wait to see it in action. Too cool.

And a Happy New Year to you fellas, and all of our friends near and far.
2012 is going to be a good one!

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