Forrest & Tim...

Hay,Haifley bro.Tim is very impressed with your frame work.At 80yrs young, he gets a kick out of your blog.Along with Ridgedhips,again what type of drugs is that man on? The both of us wish we had the internet in the 50s,+60s.you men are fortunate to be involved with so many builders around the world.Tim wants to know if you would post the picture of him with the rolling thunder,elderblock heads,ported and relieved=more air flow=more power. jugs extels= thicker wall,better cooling,and can be bored out to any size piton you want to put in there.cases MB=MAD DOG,with stroker kit. no magneto used .distributor =spark to the plugs,alternator,12v battery,distributer is easyer to time for us old folks.high output oil pump.starter,high torque.oil cooler on down tubes.Soft tail rolling thunder frame powdercoated. fuel tank modified for six gallion capacity,progresive shocks.belts= 1 inch in one half rear belt.four inch primary.PRO-CLUTCH RIVERA PRIMO DIAPHRAGM ,BEST THING SENCE SLICED BREAD .ft end 58 mill inverted forks,rased 3 inches alowing extra clearence,GMA brake caliper.s one piston.stainless steal rotors.crome ft fender.regular soft tail oil tank.oil filter on ft downtubes,along with oil cooler.REV-TECH wheels=superior strenth + lower weight,and are lighter than laced wheels tubeless tires with Timken bearings. chin faring under oil filter..haifley bro custom   seat,we will make a plan with you brothers to custom drag stile seat,a seat that will hold your  a$$ on from being blown off.turn signals with the mirrors=wiskers mirrors.didital tail light,10 inch head light with hollagen bulb.controls on handile bars are NESS,$35K alone in parts.five year build time so far,both Tim and i are running out of time,and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.And the most important item a kill switch atached to your right hand.Nothing but the best parts availble went in to this build,this old man Tim Holt says he has no plans to ride this bike.any takers? we go into the shop and reminess about DAYS GONE BY.

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