We're Back...

The big motorbiker get together out California way is all over and it's back to business.
Eleven of us headed out Thursday evening to beat the scorching summer heat across the desert.
Turns out Joel's tank is good for 96 miles not 100, headlights are really just a perk, and kickstands are not to be taken lightly.
We made it out in record time... Turning a six hour trip into twelve.
The show itself was a total mind blower. Between the piles of killer bikes, throngs of spectators, and abundance of vendors it was hard to take it all in.
Our resident blog monkey is having some computer storage issues and hasn't been able to upload all the pics from the weekend so stay tuned for those.
But! Dale in Australia sent us this little pic of his Shovelhead with it's new seat and pad.
Thanks a million Dale, now go take that fella for a ride. Looks like a beautiful day for it.

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