Executive Perks...

The Capricorn made some real progress yesterday.
The rear brake stay is ready to be mounted,
The rear motor mount is nearly built,
and most importantly the new lower tree and stem for the Harman showed up
with the UPS man!
Bill Holland over at Executive Choppers not only sent us a fine example of craftsmanship
that will again make this historic front end whole.
He also included photocopies of original John Harman frame drawings for the CB750
frame he and Bill produced in the Seventies.
Now the drawings are bad ass all by themselves, but the added awesome factor comes from the fact that the frame the Capricorn's engine is bolted into is the same one! 
A big thank you to Bill for not only making the parts we needed, and including the killer drawings,
but also getting it out to us in a very speedy fashion.
Bill Holland, John Harman, and Executive Choppers helped make choppers what they are today, and we are happy to own a little piece of that history.
Check out the Executive website and see more for yourself. 

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