It's funny how things change depending on where you are standing.
The Capricorn spent several months on a 2ft tall build table and had a certain look to it.
Recently it came down to the shop and spent all of it's time on the floor and had the exact opposite look.
Well yesterday we rolled it on out of the shop area, propped it up to get the riding stance
and realized that in reality it looked nothing like it did before.
So you see the dilemma.
What started as a clunky king queen wearing wacky seventies chopper
quickly became a low, lean digger
and ultimately is somewhere in between.
The prism tank that was just right now seems too flat and low in relation to the bars

and the tall king & queen just sort of looks like a sore thumb

So here's what we're lookin' at...
The taller tank helps bring the bars into the mix,
and the low backed two-up seat keeps everything in proportion.
We want to thank Chris for the use of his soon to be recovered seat for mock up purposes.
The good news is we have a solid game plan for the rest of the build(so far anyway)
and the rear fender mounts are all welded in place.
Next up-build the sissy bar & seat pan, and find the just right tank.
Stay tuned.

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